Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency

It’s no secret that there are scammers out there pretending to offer top-rated SEO. After all, we’re living in the era of the fake guru. These people are all over the web, promising they hold the secret code for success if you just pay them.

The good news is that it’s not hard to find a credible SEO firm to use. You don’t even need to know much about SEO to find a great agency worth hiring. Here are some questions to ask your SEO along with the answers you want them to say and the rationale behind them.

Do You Guarantee Specific Results?

The best answer to this question is a resounding “No, nobody can”. If an SEO tells you they can guarantee a top ranking in Google, they’re either pulling your leg or carrying out shady SEO work.

A reputable SEO agency will confidently tell you that they can help your business grow. Taking your budget into consideration and other factors like your competition and goals, a good SEO company will work with you to help you succeed.

How Long Before I’ll See Results?

The best answer to this questions is ‘It depends”. If an SEO firm promises instant results or tells you that your site will soar to the top of the search engines in a few days or weeks, don’t use that company.

SEO takes time. A reputable company will get to know your business and check how competitive your niche is. You’ll likely be told that you can expect to see some results in three to six months from the start of your SEO campaign.

Is SEO Always the Same?

The best answer to this question is “No. SEO is always changing”. A good SEO provider will know the names and timelines of Google’s important changes to search and be able to explain how those changes have impacted how SEO is done.

Steer clear of any agency that tells you SEO remains relatively the same over time because this is simply not true. Of course, the core fundamentals haven’t changed, but the tactics used in SEO sure have. Your SEO provider should speak both tech and business in plain English.

Do You Have Any Case Studies to Share?

The best answer here is “Yes, of course!” A great SEO will be more than happy to show you some case studies that highlight their past work. When looking at case studies, be prepared to ask a few questions like: “How did you achieve this outcome?” and “Why did you take that approach?”.

What’s Your Link Building Strategy?

The best answer is “We take a serious approach to link building”. A good SEO company won’t use black hat link building methods like spamming in forums, bulk blog commenting or submitting to low-quality generic directories.

This is a very important question because a bad link building strategy will be a waste of your money, and it could land you on the wrong end of a Google penalty.

It’s important to use a trustworthy SEO agency that will help your business succeed. Before partnering with an SEO service provider, make sure you get the right answers to the questions above.