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November 08, 2015

Auto & Motorcycles - Bike racing

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The french motorcycle e-zine (with english translation) : news, motorcycle tests, pictures, videos, forums, chat, rendez-vous, etc.
MV Augusta
Special Motorcycles
All you got to know about Dragbike racing and championships
British Racing Circuits
Circuits, Championships, Clubs and Reports
Australian Motorcycle Magazine
All the latest race news and general motorcycle news
Team Skidmark AFM
600 Production, 600 Super Bike, 750 Super Bike etc CA USA
Live Online Results from the World Endurance Motorcycle Championship
Motor Cycle Union of Ireland
Governing body for motorcycle sport
Panther City Racing
Sprint and endurance racing Honda Hawks Texas
Mini Road Racing at its best
Australian Grandprix
Related to all Australian major racing events
Australian Superbike School
Whether you ride a 500GP bike, a sports bike, a cruiser, tourer, or even a scooter just to go to work and back, the fact is that a motorcycle is a motorcycle and a corner is a corner. And cornering is where the fun is...
AMA Superbike
Unofficial but very professional and informative AMA Superbike site
American Federation of Motorcyclists
We are a California roadracing club, offering a place where you can participate in races, watch the action as a spectator, or even take part as a turnworker on the course (to get closest to the action). Our racetracks are Sears Point (in Sonoma), Thunderhill Park Raceway (near Willows) and Buttonwillow Raceway Park (near Buttonwillow), where we hold 7-9 events per race season

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