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November 08, 2015

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Wacky Iraqi
Nearly all lies, but still more honest than the real news. ( Ask2K: This is something you got to visit if you want to have a laugh )
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Marijuana: It's Many Uses
Find out what you can do with dope and not just smoke the shit
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Iraqi Daily
Official newspaper of whats left of the ministry of information, the layout of this website might change very soon as saddam is screwed!
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Funny pictures and cartoons
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Nuke Afganistan
Guess who's back? ah yes....Nukie is back on the air.
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Mostly dedicated to Bin Laden and his best friend Saddam Hussein
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News, Humor, and Commentary on Saddam Hussein and the War in Iraq
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Offers hang over cures, top ten lists, memory tests and jokes.
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Puke n Snot
Welcome to the online home of Puke & Snot!
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Security, criminal intelligence, spy stories, virus news, scandals, complots, hacking -
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World War 3 Dullard Times
Dullard Times with News on how Sparky's New World War on terrorism is regressing. Political commentary from the satirical to the deadly serious. World War 3. Say nothing and it will come
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Unspeakably Stupid
All the stories are true
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Daily Fart
This is where I put the lowdown on toilets and brownie fetchers.
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Useless Information
Stuff you have never needed to know.....
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Dumb.Com has a large variety of dumb web pages including sites about dumb criminals, stupid sayings, dumb laws, jokes, lists, the stupid hall of shame, dumb photos & more
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